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Posted: August 5, 2022 in Feel Good Friday
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Trigger Warning: Topics of drinking are discussed in this post. This post might not be for you if you’re currently recovering from addiction.
Welcome back! Thank you for taking some time out of your day and joining me! Rebecca Black made this day a memorable day. If you are unsure what I’m talking about, here say this, “It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday.” Okay, let me be honest, that wasn’t for those who were confused. I just wanted to get that remarkable song stuck in the minds of those who suffered like I did. If you would like to know what I’m talking about, please click here after the blog. You won’t regret your decision.

Luckily, for most, this blog has nothing to do with that song, I just wanted to point out that it was Friday. It is the day when most of the workweeks come to an end, leaving two days to relax, get some work done around the house and maybe even grab an ice-cold beer before firing up the grill. Not all people are blessed enough to have the weekend off, though, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy Today’s holiday. Today, we are blessed with one of the best holidays of the year. A holiday that I didn’t know existed until about an hour ago. This holiday is Beer day. Finally, a day that celebrates the small can of liquid gold, that was always in my uncle’s refrigerator, yet I never knew what it was. I have since tasted the delicious refreshment that has clouded my judgement occasionally. We all have those stories, right? We have all had 1 incident happen while being influenced by beer, correct? I hope I’m not alone in this! Either way, since it is beer day, I thought I would go back to when I was 7-years-old and tell you guys about the first time I had a Bud Light. It is a funny story, of a young boy, that only wanted to be the cool kid. It was also the day that I realized why many refer to this drink as “Cat piss.” Let me stop slandering the great name of beer and get right into the story.

I used to have a friend named Derek. Derek’s mom and my mom were pretty close, which usually meant if they were together that Derek and I were forced to hang out. It might sound like that was an issue, but Derek was pretty cool. We would often play PlayStation or Pokémon, but we also would go outside and find stuff to get into. We spent most of the time playing Pokémon, though. This was because I had this kid convinced that I knew how to make his Pokémon card stronger by putting it in the CD drive of his desktop. I don’t know how he thought this worked, but he would get so excited when I pulled the card out of the computer, so I went with it. Every time I would come over, he would have a stack of “Regular” cards that he wanted to level up. Each time, I would put those cards into the computer and act like I was running a program. Only to return his “Regular” card back to him, unchanged. I took advantage of this kid’s naive personality, a lot. An Example being, He had a PlayStation that was broken. It was beyond repair, so his mom was ready to junk it, but I told him that I knew how to fix it. He quickly ran into the house, grabbed the PlayStation out of the trash and brought it to me. I was sitting in his backyard, knowing damn well I wasn’t going to be able to fix it. He plopped the device in front of my face and asked me if I needed anything. I told him I just required patience. I pushed the open button, the lid came up. Furthermore, I closed the lid a few times, turned it over a few times, and then blew really hard into the back vent. Not only that, but I looked straight into his eyes and told him that the vent was dusty and that it was ready to be used again; but he had to try it out when I wasn’t there, as I knew it was not going to work, that baby was broken. You know, I don’t know the end to that story. His mom probably found it and threw it away. Dang, I wonder if it actually did work… Moving on. Our friendship lasted for a long time, but nothing ever changed. I kept lying to him about the Pokémon cards and other various things, but there was once that my lie came back to bite me in the ass.

I always wanted to be the cool friend, the friend who knew how to do things others didn’t. The friend that experienced things before the other children in our class. Luckily, I had Derek to fulfil my wishes, as he always believed what I said. That is why it was easy to convince him that I had drank beer before. Now, at this time, I had never tasted or touched beer. I didn’t even know what it was. Derek and I were playing outside. It was a very hot day, and we were both thirsty. Derek asked me if I wanted a drink, in which I replied, “Yes, my master.” He said okay and went inside to grab us a drink. A few moments passed by before I saw him SPRINT out of his back door, holding a Juice barrel and a blue labeled bottle. He yelled for me to follow him behind his shed. I probably thought this was strange, but young Blake was stupid enough to follow. When I rounded the corner, Derek was standing there with a bottle. The bottle read “Bud Light.” I thought this was a new juice that hi mom had picked up. I had no idea what it was, but Derek sure did. “Have you ever had beer?” He asked. I could have told the truth, but I wanted to be the cool kid, so I played it off like I have. He got excited and asked me if we could share the Bud Light. I was frightened, but I quickly popped the cap off. We looked at each other, inviting each other to take the first drink. Finally, I took the bottle and tipped it back. The cold liquid ran down my throat. I remember the taste until now. I wanted to spit it out because it was God awful, but I couldn’t. If I spit it out, then he would surely know that I lied about drinking before, so I swallowed. I could feel my stomach turn! I fought back the urge to throw up. It was now Dereks turn. He tipped it back and instantly spit it out. He no longer wanted the beer, which left me with a full bottle to myself. Now, an uncool kid would have give the bottle back and told the person they wanted to avoid drinking it. But we are talking about me, I wasn’t going down as a quitter. This is when I thought of a plan to empty the bottle without actually drinking it. The plan was this: I would hold the bottle behind my back and slowly pour it out as we talked, then when he was looking I would put the bottle to my lips and act like I was drinking it. This plan actually worked. I was able to empty the bottle without taking another sip. The best part is, he still considered me to be the coolest kid, now I was the kid that drinks adult beverages, so that helped raise my social credit!

After drinking the beer, I heard my mom yelling for us to come inside. We went inside and no one had a clue. We thought one of our moms would have smelt the beer on our lips, but neither did. I left with my mom a few minutes later, and that was the end of drinking with Derek. He would offer me beers in the future, but I always told him that it was too risky. After a few times of rejecting the booze, he finally gave up, and we went back to leveling up his Pokémon cards.

Beer isn’t for everyone. I have been to parties where there are people shooting vodka but can’t handle a beer. It is a very distinct taste that not everyone can/or want to handle. Since the day I was able to drink legally, I have been a beer fan! I like how it calms me down, I don’t mind the taste and finally, it still makes me feel cool. I don’t know exactly why, but it really does. Maybe it is from the experience with Derek, perhaps every time I drink I think back to when I was 7 and had my first beer. Either way, I hope every single person has a good beer day. If you don’t drink beer, then enjoy a nice cup of coffee. If you are a beer drinker, please give me your top 5 beers of choice. Here are mine:

5. Busch light

4. Corona

3. Coors light

2. Tecate

1. Michelob Ultra.

I know my list of favorite beers will get some hate, as many won’t agree with me. That is okay. I would love to hear what your favorite beers are! Please leave them in the comments below. Until next time….bye:)

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Picture:  Engin Akyurt (Pexels)

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